Do you experience any of these issues? If so the answer may be easier than you think.


Recently, we viewed the inner workings of the Florida Realtors® operation. The Association is impressive. But, even more impressive is the tools they offer members, such as Form Simplicity and the Florida Realtors Tech Helpline. The Tech Helpline is a call center that deals with many common computer, hardware, software issues and more. With their expertise and ticketing system, they handle many issues that independent contractors deal with on a regular basis. The best part is they serve more than just Florida sales professionals. They work with many states to provide their services.


Have you, as a broker or tech support staff in your brokerage, dealt with any of these issues?


  1. Hardware issues (printers, laptops, scanners, peripherals, iPhone/iPad, desktop)
  2. Email Issues (Outlook, Webmail, Set up, Apple Mail)
  3. Browser Issues (overwhelmingly Internet Explorer, followed by Google Chrome, Mozilla and Safari)
  4. Viruses (malware removal, setup and scan, spyware)
  5. General Technology Questions and Suggestions
  6. Operating System Issues
  7. Network Problems (Wired and Wireless)
  8. Slow Computer


This list encompasses numerous headaches we see on a regular basis (whether it be at REAL Trends or with our clients across the country) Imagine if you had an easy button when it came to these?


Now you do. The Tech Helpline, born out of Florida Realtors, is available in several other associations across the United States through partnerships. These same opportunities are now available for your brokerage. Using this as the first layer of defense for tech issues is a great way to free up your tech, marketing or office staff.


Consider them your outsourced, experienced real estate tech team ready to leap into action for your brokerage or association.


For more information, contact [email protected] or go to


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  1. AvatarTavia Ritter

    I think this a fantastic idea for smaller offices, and larger ones who have talented staff who may be overwhelmed by otherwise minor tech questions. It would be fabulous if they would also offer answers on real estate tech platforms. Their list of services seemed to be based in IT, but questions on commonly used real estate platforms like ZipFormPlus, DocuSign, the local MLS, email basics (why isn’t this attachment opening anymore like it used to?) and other common day-to-day questions would be super!

    Seems like a great platform.

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