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REAL Trends identifies the country’s largest and most successful agents and firms ranked by closed transaction sides and separately closed sales volume.

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Finding Inventory & Handling Multiple Offers Weigh Heavy on Brokers’ Minds in Q12021 Survey.


The REAL Trends monthly newsletter is known as the trusted industry source for information on trends, strategies, analysis, people and news shaping the real estate industry of tomorrow.

Digital and Apparel Stores Available for The REAL Trends Five Hundred Brokerages

REAL Trends in partnership with Deluxe Branded Marketing Launches Promotional Materials for Brokerage Companies Featured on The REAL Trends Five Hundred Brokerage Report


If your brokerage firm made the REAL Trends 500, we’ve got some good news for you! REAL Trends, in partnership with Deluxe Branded Marketing,  launched custom marketing promotion items available to those on the REAL Trends 500 Brokerage Rankings.

A Breakdown Of The Store Fronts

To make viewing and ordering as easy as possible, we have created two different storefronts; a digital store and an apparel store.

The Digital Store

The items in our digital store include custom PDF digital covers, badges, and a custom video, made in collaboration with VScreen that features your 2018 data from the recent rankings report!

Marketing Store


Custom Video Example

How To Use Your Custom Video:

This custom video is a great marketing piece for you to include in your sales meetings, post on your company social media pages, embed in an email newsletter/blog post and more!

The Apparel Store

The second storefront houses our branded apparel and goods items in partnership with Deluxe Branded Marketing. In this store, you will find a variety of apparel options, print/card templates, drink tumblers, awards and more!

REAL Trends Marketing Store

Marketing Your Success With Apparel

Whether you are a part of a national franchise or an independently ran brokerage – everyone can benefit from the apparel and goods store. We offer a wide variety of apparel options and awards and plaques – get an award for you for high performing sales managers or for your best-producing office. You can’t be ranked on The 500 without them! Is your brokerage a member of Ninja Selling? Add custom thank you cards to your cart!

Please Note: These marketing package items are available for all those featured in The REAL Trends 500 Brokerage Ranking Report, not for The Thousand or America’s Best Agent/Team Ranking.  If you made the report as an Up & Comer, Top Mover, Billionaire’s Club, etc and would like to order materials with such branding please reach out to to submit an order!

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