Creating the Perfect Union: Marrying Your Website to Your Digital Campaigns

Did you know there is a five-second rule to test your ad relevance? If a person not affiliated with your company can’t tell what your ad is in five seconds, the content is not clear enough to generate a click. Sure, you may get a click or two from a confused consumer looking for clarification, but those clicks rarely generate a lead.


So how do you pass the test? Use images that relate to not only your campaign objective but that also mirror the feel of the landing page to which you are directing traffic. Keep the wording simple—the less text, the better. Many platforms are limiting the amount of text allowed on an ad anyway, so it’s a great habit to form now.


Keep Your Ad Promises

Now that you have the ad creative down, keep the promise your ad makes and send your consumer to a relevant landing page. If you’re running a campaign highlighting your open houses with the copy, “View This Week’s Open Houses,” and you send the consumer to your home page, expect an increased bounce rate. Most viewers won’t take the time to scour your website looking for the promised information on open houses.
If your ad has language about viewing current open houses, send viewers to the page with open houses.


Having a relevant campaign plus landing page should increase a consumer to take action on your page. The point of the campaign is to get the visitor to take action on your website as easily as possible.


As REAL Trends’ Content and Social Outreach Manager, Nikki balances several responsibilities for the technology, marketing, and content teams, including managing the social presence for REAL Trends, content distribution, content development, company marketing, managing CMO/CTO groups, and serving as blog editor.

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