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The National Association of REALTORS’ next step for their Core Standards initiative will be presented and voted on at their May meeting in D.C.  At the AE Institute in March, it was report $6.6 million in grants were distributed for strategic planning and mergers.  $2.5 million state associations, $2.6 for strategic planning and $5 million for mergers. 


When Core Standards began, there were 1,355 local associations and at the time of the report 1,204 remained or 11% associations.  There were 85 mergers among 194 associations.


Membership of NAR has about 10% in that same time.


15 associations were non-compliant at the deadline however 8 subsequently were certified.  There were 7 hearings.  17 charters were revoked and 27 elected to give up their charters.


The proposed additions include:


  • Annual deadline date changed to the end after an 18-month cycle.
  • Compliance for certification is annual
  • Elected secretaries of locals who have no staff will also be required to take 6 hours of REALTOR training each year.
  • Must provide to elected leaders access to leadership training
  • Board of Directors must annually certify compliance with the Core. “These plans must include an advocacy component, a consumer outreach component, and must have actionable implementation strategies.” Indicated in the report of the Work Group.
  • Annual performance reviews for CEO’s
  • Increased advocacy
  • Adjustments in consumer outreach
  • Must provide access to professional development to the members
  • Must conduct or promote an annual safety programs

Additional rules will be presented and voted upon in May.

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