Real-estate-agent showing house plan on digital tablet

Buying a house is a big purchase, so throwing in a subscription or a service as an incentive isn’t going to be what tips the scales. It’s pocket change compared to what buyers are about to spend to be homeowners. But there are a few things you, as a real estate agent, can do to build the relationship to close the deal and show you appreciate your clients.

Open the Blinds

It may seem like real estate 101, but making sure a home is well-lit before a showing is crucial. Even if it is the second or third time someone has seen the home, good presentation entails natural light. If convenient, show up to the home beforehand to open the shades, or arrange with the sellers to do so. Also, check the thermostat. Temperature affects the attitude of those viewing the home.

Insist on Air Freshener

The smell of an unkempt litter box or trash that needed to go out yesterday is enough to deter potential buyers. Communicate with sellers that keeping a fresh-smelling home is essential. Many varieties of air fresheners, from plug-in to spray, are readily available. If allergies are an issue for residents, suggest putting out baking soda at the very least. This will absorb any foul odors and make it a place home-seekers want to enter.

Provide Coffee

What says home like having a cup of coffee while sitting on the couch? Though you may not be able to replicate the situation exactly, you can make the home feel warm and cozy by brewing coffee. The aroma will be a draw and if viewers can hold a mug as they wander through the rooms, it will give them a sense of home.

You might set up a Keurig on the countertop with a few ceramic mugs. Tell buyers that the machine will go to the proud new owners of the home. Although this won’t be what seals the deal, it will build rapport with potential buyers, and it shows appreciation.

Offer Identity Theft Protection

Offer a year’s prepaid subscription to an identity protection service like Lifelock. With how much personal information goes into the paperwork of purchasing a home including Social Security numbers, financial and credit information — providing them peace of mind is priceless. What a gift to ensure their sensitive information is being protected and monitored.

Offer a Magazine Subscription

With a house comes many future projects. Have magazines out on the coffee table or kitchen counter and offer a year’s subscription to the buyer. For a newer home, you might offer the buyer a year’s subscription to “Better Homes and Gardens.” For a fixer-upper, “The Family Handyman” is a great gift.

You don’t have to offer gifts, of course. And a credible real estate agent, you should only promote a house to those who would be a good fit for the property. Don’t look at special gifts as a way to bait someone into buying, but rather see gifts as a very real expression of your own appreciation to the people who entrusted you to help guide them in such an important decision.