Celebrating REAL Trends’ 30th Anniversary: The Three Big Stories of 1998

To celebrate REAL Trends’ 30th anniversary year, we will bring back old articles from our early years to see how much (or little) has changed about the industry.

By Steve Murray, publisher

The three big stories of 30 years ago were the significant increase in lock-box–oriented robberies among listings, particularly those in the Western United States; the entry of Prudential Real Estate Affiliates into residential brokerage franchising; and sales declined in 1987 from the prior year for the first time since the bounce off of the recession years of 1980-1982.

In other news, REAL Trends reported on the results of the 1987 National Association of Realtors® Membership Profile which showed, among other things, that the median age of Realtors was 43; over 37 percent of Realtors® had either an undergraduate or post graduate degree; 50.7 percent of all Realtor agents were male (what a difference 30 years makes!); and the median years in the business was four.

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