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Analysis of real estate industry trends

Website Design Trends

The Website Design Trends You Need To Consider

When it comes to the Internet and maximizing your online presence, it’s essential to have a website…

Lose A Listing

How To Lose A Listing in Three Ways

My parents, a couple in Northern Wisconsin are in the process of selling their vacation home. Like many vacation homes, selling…

REAL Trends Achieves

REAL Trends Archives : The Ninja Master

REAL Trends Archives This Article was originally published in REAL Trends January/February 2007 Volume 4\\Issue 1 of LORE Larry Kendall’s ‘Ninja Selling’…

real estate teams

Brokers Agree – Real Estate Teams are Risky but Good For Business

As Real Estate Team Popularity Explodes, the Paradox Grows Survey of Top Execs Shows Benefits, Risks in Supporting Teams Real…

generating new listings

A Timely New Study in Generating New Listings

With inventory levels at record lows and competition for listings fiercer than ever, top brokerage firms are finding innovative…

Why A Quality Website Has Never Been More Important

Home buyers search the internet for local brokerages and real estate professionals to help them make important financial…

The Evolution of Lead Generation

It’s all about lead generation! REAL Trends interviews Joe Skousen, Founder & Chief Revenue Officer at Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Android | RSS

foreign investors

Global Trends | Where Foreign Investors Want To Be

Balancing risk and potential growth prospects in the global real estate market.    When investors want to make investments in…

Old School Predictive Analytics

Old School Predictive Analytics Generate Move Scores 

Predictive analytics is one of the new sciences that is capturing the imagination of our industry. One can…

CRE List

CRE LIST : 10 Issues Impacting Real Estate

  Know the issues; adjust your business.   The Counselors of Real Estate® (CRE®) professional association announced its annual Top…

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