age of amazon

The Age of Amazon Lesson 5: Are You Product or Person Driven?

  A series on what the new business environment may tell us about residential brokerage. In a recent article in REAL…

Phishing Scams

How To Protect Your Business and Your Customers From Phishing Scams

A broker received a text message from an individual who claimed they represented the National Association of Realtors®….


Hyperlocal Tech Earns zavvie, 8z “Innovator Award” Finalist Selection

Colorado real estate tech and brokerage firms says it can help “fix” real estate inventory problem zavvie, real estate’s…

tech strategies

3 Tech Strategies to Better Scale Your Real Estate Business

Digital technology is quickly transforming the real estate industry, including everything from the way agents find clients to how…

A/B Testing

The Benefits of A/B Testing Your Real Estate Website

  Written by Keith Shields, Designli When designing your real estate site, how do you know what’s most effective? How do…


Snapchat in Real Estate? Yes!

Snapchat is a constant in the social media game right now, especially with the younger generations. Social influencer and…

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