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real trending episode 46

REAL Trending Episode 46: Compass & The Issue Of Money In The Age Of Data

REAL Trending Episode 46 Compass & The…

real trending special edition

REAL Trending Special Edition: The 4 Traits All Brokerage Leaders Share

REAL Trending Special Edition The 4 Traits…

REAL Trending Episode 45: Lone Wolf Acquisitions, Amazon vs. The World, Gathering Of Eagles Primer

REAL Trending Episode…

real trending episode 44

REAL Trending Episode 44: Industry National Conferences Wrap-Up, Rising Rent & Home Price Challenges

REAL Trending Episode 44 Industry National Conferences…

real trending ep 43

REAL Trending Ep. 43: How Affordability & Inventory Intersect

REAL Trending Episode…

real trending episode 42

REAL Trending Episode 42: Insights Revealed in The REAL Trends 500

REAL Trending Episode 42 Insights Revealed in…

real trending episode 41

REAL Trending Episode 41: Technology Competition, Market Favoring Buyers, Surviving as a Broker

REAL Trending Episode…

real trending episode 40

REAL Trending Episode 40: Why Is the Industry Optimistic When Housing Sales Are Ebbing?

REAL Trending Episode…

real trending episode 39

REAL Trending Episode 39: Conference Reports, Recent Class-action Lawsuit and an Industry Under Assault

REAL Trending Episode 39 [et_pb_audio admin_label=”Audio File & Art…

REAL Trending EP. 38: ‘Tech Arms Race’ Heats Up, Conference Updates, The Year of Priorities

REAL Trending Episode 38 Steve Murray talks about the real estate tech…



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