Social Media Marketing

Advice and trends for building an organic engagement and leads through social media

gen z

Should Real Estate Professionals Bother Email Marketing to Gen Z?

How to Capitalize on Gen Z Online Behavior

social media

Tips to Create a Personal Brand Using Social Media to Drive Lead Generation

Tips to Create a Personal Brand Using Social Media to Drive Lead Generation As part of their ongoing efforts to…

influencer marketing

Influencer Marketing: The Real Estate Version

Influencer Marketing The Real Estate Version. Influencer marketing has been around seemingly forever; yet, most real estate professionals have been…

real estate hashtags

The Hottest Real Estate Hashtags to Use on Social Media

Use These Real Estate Hashtags in Your Social Media Posts Social media provides a unique opportunity to position yourself as…

viral marketing

Go Viral! How to Get Your Real Estate Video Shared

How to Use Viral Marketing to Achieve Success in Real Estate Business Of course, word-of-mouth is the best real estate…

Game Changers – Katie Lance Consulting

Katie Lance, CEO of Katie Lance Consulting – many of you have seen her…

What Is WhatsApp? It’s More Than a Messaging Tool

How to Use WhatsApp for Your Real Estate Business If you work with global real estate agents, you’re surely used…

real estate niche

Carving Out Your Real Estate Niche Neighborhood

How to Carve Out a Real Estate Niche Whether you’re a brokerage targeting one real estate niche, multiple neighborhoods or…

katie lance

Social Media and Content Marketing with Katie Lance

Last month, REAL Trends social outreach manager Nikki Lindholm, went on Facebook LIVE with special guest Katie Lance,…

Why You’re Probably Using Facebook Incorrectly

  Krista Mashore,  a broker/owner in northern California has built…

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