Digital Marketing

Advice and trends for developing paid marketing campaigns

Closing Online Leads Using an Inside Sales Agent Team

Closing Online Leads Using an Inside Sales Agent Team Sponsored Post: “As a brokerage, we bring a lot of…

Real Estate Websites

The Future of Real Estate Websites

As technology continues to progress and evolve on a daily basis, many brokerage owners consistently wonder what is…


7 Need-to-Know Nuggets About SEO and Real Estate

Effective SEO Real Estate Strategies Many real estate professionals use paid marketing to get leads.  After all, it’s…

build real estate backlinks

Build Real Estate Backlinks: What Every Real Estate Professional Needs to Know

Why Build Real Estate Backlinks? In today’s world, one of the battlefronts to build real estate backlinks online lies in…

real estate invites

Evite Launches New Real Estate Invites

Evite Launches New Real Estate Invites

Adwerx Adds Instagram To Popular Automated Listing Advertising Program

 Adwerx will now incorporate ads on Instagram into its highly regarded Automated Listing Advertising Program. Instagram…

real estate niche

Carving Out Your Real Estate Niche Neighborhood

How to Carve Out a Real Estate Niche Whether you’re a brokerage targeting one real estate niche, multiple neighborhoods or…

Elevate Marketing Platform

CoreLogic To Offer Elevate Marketing Platform to Brokers

CoreLogic®  a leading global property information, analytics, and data-enabled solutions provider announced a new agreement with Elm…

5 Smart Ways To Protect Your Data On Social Media

  The Facebook data breach opened a Pandora’s box of concerns for social media consumers. The company estimated that data…

mobile blindness

Seth Godin’s Take on Mobile Blindness

You don’t need a peer-reviewed study to know…

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