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7 Habits of Highly Successful Real Estate Agents

We all learned the positive effect of good habits in our lives, thanks to Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits….

REAL Trends October Newsletter

The REAL Trends monthly newsletter is known as the trusted industry source for information on trends, strategies, analysis, people,…

Nick Bailey

Game Changers : Nick Bailey

REAL Trends Editor in Chief, Tracey Velt Interviews Nick Bailey, President and CEO…


What is Your Company Core Built On?

When you know your people’s passion, their purpose, or their why, and link that up with selling real estate,…

REAL Trends Archives: Rising Stars Part Two

REAL Trends Archives This Article was originally published in REAL Trends’ Summer 2013 Volume 7 \ Issue 1 of LORE These real…

Top CEOs 2018 Employees Choice

‘Top CEO’s 2018 Employees’ Choice’ Ranks 3 Real Estate CEOs

Who Made Glassdoor’s List? Glassdoor, arguably the best career search and recruiting website, unveiled their ‘Top CEOs…

Old School Predictive Analytics

Old School Predictive Analytics Generate Move Scores 

Predictive analytics is one of the new sciences that is capturing the imagination of our industry. One can…

focus on the basics

It Pays To Focus On The Basics

When The Fur Starts Flying; It Pays To Focus on Basics Part of the challenge for all leaders is not…


REAL Trends Book Spotlight : Why We Love Frenemies

Featured Book: Frenemies My new favorite by Ken Auletta covers the messy evolving world of ad agencies, media…

Leonard Steinberg

The Thousand Insight: Leonard Steinberg

Listen as REAL Trends Editor of Publications Tracey Velt talks to Leonard Steinberg Broker/Owner of The…



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