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DISC Assessment

Talent Examined – The DISC Assessment

The DISC Assessment Socrates once wrote, “A life unexamined ‎is a life not worth living.” When it comes to…

Fire A Team Member

It’s Not You, It’s Me : How To Fire A Team Member

I know this is the dreaded task that we all hate.  No matter how much a person…

The Value Mindset Are You a Master at Creating Value?

Are You a Master at Creating Value?

The Value Mindset Are You a Master at Creating Value? Can you recognize value? More importantly, are you creating it? By Larry…


What Are The Best Recruiting Strategies To Find Talent?

After you have defined the specific characteristics of the person you are looking for, developed the job description and…

Zen Real Estate Career

Overwhelmed? 7 Steps to a Zen Real Estate Career

Buyers, sellers, mortgage brokers, team members, family—everyone is demanding your attention and time, right? Rather than curl up…


Lose the Word Accountability

Instead, be a coach and help sales associates by turning talent into production. When I meet with real estate managers…

learn from

What Can Real Estate Leaders Learn from Mister Rogers

I’ll bet we would all agree that today the world is more divisive than ever! So, it’s hard to…

Old School Predictive Analytics

Old School Predictive Analytics Generate Move Scores 

Predictive analytics is one of the new sciences that is capturing the imagination of our industry. One can…

Retention and Praise

The Unmistakable Correlation Between Retention and Praise

Most of us have heard the following expression on numerous occasions:  Nobody cares how much you know…

real estate management skills

15,242 Managers Worldwide Agree: These Are the Top 10 Real Estate Management Skills You Need

The authors of Mind Tools for Managers reveal the 10 most important skills a manager…

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