Brokerage firm valuation trends and strategies


Valuations: Valuing Small- to Medium-Sized Brokerages

Valuations: Valuing Small- to Medium-Sized Brokerages It’s no secret that the housing bull market is in the rearview mirror —…

REAL Trends Valuation/M&A Team Release Free Valuation Guide

Download Your Free Valuation Booklet Valuing a smaller or medium-sized firm is filled with nuances…

due diligence

Transaction Due Diligence: Advice About Selling Your Firm

Advice About Selling Your Firm How to clean up your financials and other data to facilitate a profitable sale. Throughout REAL…


Public Market Valuations: Real Estate Brokerage Firms or Tech Businesses?

Public Market Valuations Real estate brokerage firms or tech businesses? You may have noticed that, over the last few months’, Wall…

Declining Company Dollar

Brokers Get Creative Amid Declining Company Dollar

Brokerage Return on REVENUE Brokers have to get creative to stay profitable. Continually declining retained company dollar (CO$) has been all…

company dollar

Brokerage Benchmark Update : Retained Company Dollar Continues to Slide

If the lifeblood of any business is a return on revenue, then the critical vital is retained company dollar When…

Data Tells A Story

Profits & Recruiting :  Data Tells a Story 

Without an improvement in per-person productivity among traditional realty firms, their long-term growth prospects are limited.   REAL Trends team members…

Robert Reffkin

Robert Reffkin Confirmed to Join DealMAKERS Conference

Compass Founder and CEO Robert Reffkin to attend REAL Trends’ conference on mergers, valuations, and acquisitions.

Preparing for an Eventual Brokerage Sale

The market for the sale and purchase of brokerage companies is at an all-time high right now.  REAL Trends…

brokerage benchmark

Brokerage Benchmark Update | Advertising & Marketing

REAL Trends Director of Mergers & Acquisitions Scott Wright breaks down the REAL Trends Brokerage Benchmark…

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