How To Build A Full-Proof SEO Strategy

There’s no doubt that incorporating a search engine optimization strategies to gain organic web traffic and increase rankings is vital. That’s why real estate brokerages and sales associates should be aware of the steps to take to set the path for success with keywords, content or SEO strategies. Here are a few steps to take when implementing SEO across multiple platforms:


  1. Platform: The No. 1 deciding factor in how well your SEO strategy will do is understanding the intention and platform in which you are serving content to your audience. Are your trying to rank a video? Infographic? Blog post? Understand what your market desires and what content will serve them best.
  2. Research: Choosing the right keyword(s) to target in your campaign is critical to success and should go hand-in-hand with the chosen platform. This means evaluating your competition and improving upon their strengths and weaknesses. Performing proper keyword and competitive analysis will allow you to make quantifiable decisions on how far to take a campaign.
  3. Content: Based on your chosen platform and research, create content that is quality and engaging. By doing so, you will climb the organic ranks quicker and build trust with your audience. Your audience will look at you as a thought leader in the industry.
  4. Optimization: Now that you’ve chosen your platform, targeted your keyword(s) and evaluated the competitive landscape, its time to optimize your content for the search engines. Always include your keyword(s) in the title of your content if possible as this will be one of the top determining factors for the search engines. Depending on your chosen platform, there will be limitations on how far you can go with optimization efforts. Keep an eye out for any meta data/tags and make sure to include your keyword(s) within those as well as any descriptive sections were you can include a call-to-action. Give visitors a reason to click through by creating an immediate impulse and value proposition.


It’s now time to track and test results. Often, changing something as small as the wording within a description can immensely change your results and click-through rates. Track and monitor each aspect of the campaign and make changes accordingly based on analytic feedback. It’s always suggested to have some tracking or analytics enabled to make sure you und

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