Better Than Retargeting? Facebook Launches Dynamic Search Ads

Facebook recently unveiled a tool specifically for real estate. Called dynamic search ads, this new product is available through the Facebook Ads Platform. Similar to retargeting ads, dynamic search ads allow real estate professionals to reach users who have previously viewed listings on their site.


Unlike traditional retargeting with a generic brand ad, Facebook’s dynamic search ads allow you to place similar properties in the newsfeed of potential home buyers. Facebook uses a unique algorithm to interpret a potential buyer’s search preferences by evaluating their browsing activity on a brokerage’s site. Using the brokerage’s listing feed, Facebook then gathers homes with similar features and places a slideshow of properties in the newsfeed of potential customers.


For those of us who are frequent Amazon shoppers, we know all too well how eye catching it is to later see a recently searched product pop up on your screen— imagine this capability for home buyers. Not only will they see properties, but they will have previously visited your site and will be retargeted with ads that speak to their interest.


In recent years, Facebook has become its own ad platform and many agents and brokerages have taken advantage of the two-billion people who use the social network daily and the impressive demographic data available for advertising. We at REAL Trends predict this is the first of many new real estate-specific integrations for Facebook.

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