Author: Travis Saxton

Technology, Leadership and Culture

Often there is a clash between the leadership of brokerage firms and senior technology leadership within realty firms. The two parties are often neither right nor wrong; they are simply talking in foreign languages to each other. In an age where technology has become far more important than it was 5, 10 or even 20 years ago in realty firms, it is critical that both parties take the time to listen to each other and come to a shared vision over where investment dollars will be made. The older school tends to believe that personal relationships matter more than...

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When Will Smart Locks Replace Lock Boxes?

  We recently came across a press release that Schlage, the large lock manufacturer, launched Prempoint Inc. at the National Association of Realtors (NAR) Conference & Expo in November. Prempoint Inc. is the integration of its real-time messaging and access control app with Schlage® Control™ Smart Locks that eradicate security problems inherent to all lockboxes.   The Prempoint® app, when combined with Schlage Control Smart Locks, gives real estate professionals and property managers a keyless access management system to securely control access to listings, rentals or vacation properties. This technology eliminates the need for traditional or digital lockboxes and...

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Visionary Tech Companies Prioritizing Partnerships to Better our Industry

We recently spoke with Greg Sundberg, vice president of marketing at Moxi Works, where we discussed several of the company’s internal initiatives. One of these initiatives concerning partnerships warranted an article because it is so forward-thinking.   Moxi Works recently hired Mike McHenry as vice president of partnerships to help the company escalate the collaboration with up-and-coming and established tech companies. They are focused on providing value to their brokerage clients and realize they can not be all things to all people. This open collaboration is what our industry needs.   All too often a great tool comes out,...

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REAL Trends is Going Live On Facebook: Save the Dates Nov. 30 and Dec. 1

REAL Trends has two exciting social media endeavors coming soon! Both are centering around Smart Home technology. On November 30, Brandon Wells, CTO of the Group Inc. in Fort Collins, will be joining our team for a Facebook Live talk about all things smart home. In the past year, through our partnership with Coldwell Banker in the smart home space, we’ve learned a lot from this franchise. Every year, our year kicks off with the Consumer Electronics Show which we will attend again in 2017. We will share what we learned live during our Nov. 30 Facebook Live event,...

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Is Technology Fragmentation Leading to Security Vulnerabilities in Real Estate?

By Travis Saxton, vice president of technology  Security vulnerabilities and scams, such as phishing and wire fraud is on the rise in the residential and commercial real estate industries. These may be so sophisticated even a technology expert can be fooled. Below is a link to a video outlining a specific type of phishing/wire fraud scam from Brandon Wells, chief technology officer of The Group Inc. in Fort Collins: Notice the level of sophistication in this combo phishing and wire fraud scam. It’s such an issue that some firms have halted wire transfers and will only permit old-fashioned...

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