REAL Trends

Mortgage Payments

Rising Interest Rates Send Mortgage Payments Climbing Twice as Fast as Home Values

Buyers Today Would Have to Spend About $1,400 More Per Year on Their Mortgage Than They Would Have a…

real estate demand

Savills Global Living Report: The Young and Elderly Are Shaping Real Estate Demand

Global student housing investment volumes, in particular, have risen 87% in the last five years, says Savills. The maturity…

Luxury Real Estate

High-Net-Worth Individuals View Real Estate as a Top Wealth Indicator

What Matters Most To Today’s Global Elite, Shows Continued Interest in Real Estate as a Wealth Builder and Deep…

Canadian Listings

Zillow Adds First Canadian Listings to Mobile App and Website

Thousands of for-sale listings from Canada are now live on Zillow, with more listings expected to roll out soon…

smith group

Real Estate Agents Create Dance-Off Viral Videos

The Smith Group Issues Duffy Challenge As Property Marketing Reaches New Level The #DuffyChallenge is…


BuildFax U.S. Housing Health Report, Reveals 5.06 % Increase in Housing Maintenance Activity

BuildFax, released its Housing Health Report for September, which offers insights into three…


Americans Would Rather Renovate than Buy a New Home

Americans Would Rather Renovate than Buy a New Home Given the choice, 76 percent of Americans would rather make upgrades…

company obsessed

Customer Experience is The Real Differentiator

Are you customer-obsessed? You better be. Real estate is full of technology solutions targeted at fixing the same problems—database intelligence,…

7 Habits of Highly Successful Real Estate Agents

We all learned the positive effect of good habits in our lives, thanks to Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits….

generating business

New in Town? 3 Ways to Make Connections and Generate Business

How one brand new agent started building her database and closing leads within two months of getting her real…

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