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best small town

The 10 Best Small Town 4th of July Celebrations Across the U.S.

Independence Day is THEE quintessential summer weekend. And you will get no arguments here. Not only does this time…

curb appeal

Curb Appeal Applies to More Than Just Your Home

We’re all familiar with the adage, “You better walk the walk, if you want to talk the talk.” This…


Your Role as the Team Leader

So let’s assume you have the perfect hire or the perfect staff.  What then could possibly go wrong?  You! As…

Family-owned Businesses

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Four proven tricks for winning family real estate teams Family-owned businesses can bring relatives closer together and allow them…

5 Smart Ways To Protect Your Data On Social Media

  The Facebook data breach opened a Pandora’s box of concerns for social media consumers. The company estimated that data…

How to Decorate With a Modern Farmhouse Style

In case you haven’t noticed, farmhouse style decorating has become super popular.  It’s been trending for years, and…

homesnap pro

Change is Good – Automation is Gold

There seems to be a lot of concern lately how fast smart technology is evolving, and with that, automating…

Lawsuit Points Out Red Flags of ALL Lead Generation Companies

OP/ED Article From The Real Daily Buying leads is a common part of any real estate practice, but there…



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