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How to Delegate to Your Team Members

Why do agents have a hard time delegating effectively? The main reason appears to be that agents do not want…

non-awkward ways to keep in touch

Non-Awkward Ways to Keep in Touch With Your Customers


7 Need-to-Know Nuggets About SEO and Real Estate

Effective SEO Real Estate Strategies Many real estate professionals use paid marketing to get leads.  After all, it’s…

What Is WhatsApp? It’s More Than a Messaging Tool

How to Use WhatsApp for Your Real Estate Business If you work with global real estate agents, you’re surely used…

learn from

What Can Real Estate Leaders Learn from Mister Rogers

I’ll bet we would all agree that today the world is more divisive than ever! So, it’s hard to…

Global High-Net-Worth Individuals

Selling Real Estate | Working with Global High-Net-Worth Individuals

I began my career at an executive search firm but soon came back to run my family’s real estate…

CRE List

CRE LIST : 10 Issues Impacting Real Estate

  Know the issues; adjust your business.   The Counselors of Real Estate® (CRE®) professional association announced its annual Top…

best small town

The 10 Best Small Town 4th of July Celebrations Across the U.S.

Independence Day is THEE quintessential summer weekend. And you will get no arguments here. Not only does this time…

curb appeal

Curb Appeal Applies to More Than Just Your Home

We’re all familiar with the adage, “You better walk the walk, if you want to talk the talk.” This…


Your Role as the Team Leader

So let’s assume you have the perfect hire or the perfect staff.  What then could possibly go wrong?  You! As…

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