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Seth Godin’s Take on Mobile Blindness

You don’t need a peer-reviewed study to know that when people surf the web on their smartphones, they’re not going as deep. We swipe instead of click. We scan instead of read. Even our personal email… We get exposure to far more at the surface, but rarely dig in. As a result, the fine print gets ignored. We go for headlines, not nuance. It’s a deluge of gossip and thin promises, not the relatively more immersive experience of the desktop web. And of course, the web was a surface treatment of a day spent with books and in uninterrupted...

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Listing a Smart Home: 5 Things to Ask Your Sellers

The world of real estate is competitive and fierce, but “smart homes” can give you a smart advantage. They offer more conveniences for buyers than traditional homes, and let’s face it—the technology fills most buyers with a sense of awe. Before you can sell a smart home, here are the questions to ask your sellers. 1. What are the passwords? To demonstrate the capabilities of a smart home, you need access to the devices. Download the apps for the devices and request the passwords. If your sellers have voice-activated assistants, they should also disable the security settings, so they...

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Real Estate Technology | What’s Next in 2018?

  With so much happening in the real estate technology world, what is important in the coming year? A lot has happened in the last month in the world of real estate technology—RE/MAX announced their purchase of the BOOJ website platform, Keller Williams rolled out a new voice AI technology platform and REAL Trends released its 2018 REAL Trends Online Performance Study. With all this technology news breaking, one can’t help but take a step back and guess what will truly be important in the real estate technology landscape in 2018 and beyond. Trending The main trends that are...

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