Attract More Affluent Home Buyers With These Tech Add-Ons

Attract More Affluent Home Buyers With These Tech Add-Ons

For real estate professionals seeking to make a profit, affluent buyers represent a major opportunity. One way to attract these customers is to use technology to increase the value of homes in today’s market. In fact, smart home features can add 5 percent to a value’s property, according to Consumer Reports. Here are four ways technology add-ons can help position a property to earn more on today’s market and attract affluent buyers.

Smart Security

Smart security is an essential feature for appealing to technology-oriented buyers, the Chicago Tribune says. Over half of home buyers would pay more for a home with security cameras and smart doorbells that alert homeowners, according to John Burns Real Estate Consulting. Coldwell Banker research concurs, showing that a third of Americans with smart home products want the ability to use voice control for managing their home security.

The easiest way to install a smart security system without a lot of laborious, expensive wiring is to set up a wireless home monitoring system. For instance, Lorex’s wireless (and wire-free) security camera systems include models with mobile connectivity that can be wirelessly mounted to walls, ceilings or flat surfaces. Cameras can be triggered manually, by motion sensor or by scheduled recording. Models with two-way audio are available for applications such as talking to visitors at the door. Cameras are weatherproof, making them suitable for indoor or outdoor use. What’s more, the cameras are subscription free, making it easy to hand off to the buyer once they purchase the home.

Smart Environmental Controls

The Chicago Tribune also reports that a smart security system integrated with smart temperature control is a top tech selling feature for homes. Four out of 10 Americans with smart home products would like the ability to control their home’s temperature through voice control, Coldwell Banker says.

One of today’s leading smart thermostat systems is Nest, which can be controlled by voice through integration with digital assistants such as Amazon Alexa. Nest automatically adjusts a home’s temperature to save energy when the owner is away by using sensors and mobile phone tracking to determine whether the owner is home. Users can manually make remote adjustments to their home’s temperature from their smartphone. Nest tracks how much energy a homeowner saves by using it, and it can also display weather and time as well as temperature. Nest Thermostat can be integrated with smart lighting, security, locks and smoke detectors.

Smart Entertainment Centers

Experts recommended that in order to make a smart home compelling to home buyers, security and environmental features should be supplemented by at least two other popular smart applications, the Chicago Tribune adds. The most popular application of smart technology is smart entertainment, with Coldwell Banker’s research indicating that 43 percent of smart home product users would want a voice-controlled entertainment system. Installing a surround sound speaker setup such as a Dolby Atmos systemcan help make a property more appealing to home buyers who appreciate entertainment technology. A surround sound speaker setup can be integrated with a smart entertainment center through a connected TV, which represents most of the latest TV models.

Smart Appliances

Smart appliances can be another good add-on to attract home buyers. Approximately one in five smart home technology users want voice-controlled appliances, according to Caldwell Banker.

Smart refrigerators, washers and dryers are three of the most popular smart appliances to make a home more appealing. For instance, a Samsung smart refrigerator not only stores food, but also includes connected features that let home owners shop for food, display family schedules, watch movies or cooking recipes in the kitchen or listen to music while cooking.


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