The phrase “content is king” is, well, king, in the world of digital marketing and SEO. The content that you produce will make or break your organic and paid traffic. Here are five ways to incorporate valuable content into your marketing strategies and goals that should be taken under consideration:

1. Leverage popular blog posts. Send users to your blog using creative calls to action (CTA), and don’t forget a lead capture on your blog.

2. Identify readership characteristics and market to that group.

3. Use keywords in your content to establish marketing campaigns and vice versa. Successful campaigns contain a marriage between SEO and PPC.

4. Use community-focused blog posts and repurpose them for guides on your website. Some ideas: community guides, relocation guides, first-time homebuyer guides, etc.

5. Social content. Sponsor successful posts using social media platforms.

Remember: Always keep your content fresh. This will ensure you continue to establish SEO dominance and give your audience a reason to always return to your website, blog, and social channels.