3 Tech Upgrades to Grow Your Real Estate Business

Real estate is no longer just about showing properties and negotiating contracts. Technology has infiltrated the industry and changed client expectations. As a real estate agent, you need to embrace these changes to stay in business and attract prospective buyers. Consider the following four tech upgrades to grow your real estate business:

Big Data

The days of arbitrarily mailing postcards to people who may or may not be looking to buy or sell their home is long over. While you probably already knew this, you may not be sure how to find and attract clients in the digital age. This is why Realtor Magazine suggests using big data. Social media is at the heart of big data because people share parts of their lives, including demographic information, geographic location and what they’re looking for in this stage of their lives. You can use all of this information to find people who are in need of a real estate agent and target them with advertising and marketing campaigns. For example, Facebook analytics let you categorize people into different groups based on demographics or even things like how likely they are to move. The more you know about what type of people are looking at properties, the better you can entice them to hire you.


Now that you have people’s interest, it’s time to wow them with your properties, expertise and customer service. On your business website, be sure to have videos showing off sample listings, previous sales and your process. Use 360-degree video technology to show a sample walk-through to impress website visitors or clients at a sit-down meeting. With this type of video, viewers can see what types of properties you work with, what you think is important in the sales process and how you approach your clients.

Videos on your website aren’t the only way you can use this technology. You also can use virtual meeting software to virtually meet with clients who may be moving from a different state. You can conduct an introductory meeting from your office to tell potential clients about yourself or even have a live walk-through of homes that your clients are interested in but can’t visit in person. Video and mobile technology open up a lot of possibilities for both you and your clients to have a great relationship no matter where you’re located.

Virtual Reality

One of the most recent tech advances in the real estate industry is virtual reality. While videos are great for your website, they have a static perspective and limited view. With virtual reality, your customers can turn their heads left and right, look up and down, and take their time to soak in what a room looks like from every angle. They can stroll through the backyard and get an idea whether their couch will fit in the living room. Virtual reality is a great tool for people moving from out of state because they can get a clear idea of what the property looks like from their own perspective, not just the filmmaker’s. However, Inman explains that not every property is suited for virtual reality and the homes need to be staged ahead of time. So think carefully through your process before showing it off to customers.

Don’t be afraid that technology is replacing you as a real estate agent. Instead, embrace the changes and use them to your advantage to grow your business.

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