bailout - it's the homeowners in that are in distress

According to a recent report released today by LendingTree, down payment percentages for 30-year fixed rate purchase mortgages are declining, just as home prices and mortgage rates  begin to increase. The study reveals that average down payments have dropped 9.4% since May 2011.
The top ten states with the lowest average down payment percentage for a 30-year fixed rate conventional loan are:

1.       Mississippi          11.9%
2.       West Virginia     12.0%
3.       Alabama              12.4%
4.       Kansas                  12.7%
5.       Missouri               13.2%
6.       South Dakota     13.4%
7.       Indiana                 13.6%
8.       Tennessee          13.6%
9.       Idaho                    13.6%
10.   Wisconsin            13.7%

New Jersey, California, New York, Massachusetts, and Hawaii have the highest average down payment percentages.