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Best in Show: Amenities that Cater to Pet Owners Help Homes Stand Out

Amenities that Speak to Pet Owners Help Homes Stand Out

You don’t have to own a Westminster-worthy show dog to appreciate amenities that canines and their owners love. In fact, attributes such as pet doors, feeding stations and ample yard space can help a house stand out from others on the market.

It’s no surprise that millennials are changing the real estate world and impacting residential trends like never before. What may come as a surprise is that the number one home buying demand is pet friendliness. According to the American Pet Products Association, 73 percent of millennials currently own a pet and 33 percent of a millennial homebuyers’ decision to buy a home is driven chiefly by man’s best friend.

With so many people welcoming pets into their families, it stands to reason that pet’s specific needs would eventually make its way into a homebuyer’s must-have list. Here are six home essentials that buyers are craving for their four-legged companions that marry a pet’s comfort with human convenience:

Ample Outdoor Space

An appropriately sized backyard with space to run and play is ideal for dog owners, or a neighborhood with sidewalks in walking distance to a dog-friendly places like parks and local coffee places or eateries. For those without a large outdoor space, try to create a smaller play area indoors so the pets can still play while the owner is away. Fencing is equally as important for both cat and dog owners, and if you have an outdoor cat, consider walls that they can walk along over wire fencing.


Pet nooks such as this one shown at have appeal for dog-loving homeowners.

Pet Nook

Many pets like to sleep with their owner or have their favorite seat in the house, but what if you could create a space just for them that they could feel comfortable and still see what’s going on around the house? A perfectly tucked away pet nook is a great way to have a built-in bed in your home and to keep the dog or cats’ blankets in one spot so pet hair isn’t dragged around.

Pet Chat System

Are you the type of pet owner who leaves the TV or radio on for your pet when you leave for work? Ever wonder what type of mischief they are causing during the day? A pet chat system might just be the answer. Think of pet chat systems as a way to communicate with your pet, from anywhere. Some systems monitor noises and view your pet while others can stream TV stations designed for pets and give your pets treats remotely.

Pet Washing Station

It’s never easy getting a pet to take a bath, especially if your shower or bath isn’t the right size for your pet. So, what’s the solution? A built-in pet washing station installed in an existing mudroom or laundry room. These  rooms are already meant for cleaning and that way the animal doesn’t need to track any dirt throughout the house or on furniture.

A dog washing station makes a nice addition to any laundry room. Photo by Ridge Creek Custom Homes, original photo on Houzz.

Pet Door

No need to get up or hurry home for your pet if you have a pet door. Before, pet owners would have to cut in to the wall for a pet door. Sliding door inserts are an excellent enhancement for your pet and your lifestyle. Because there’s no cutting, there’s no commitment; if you or your pets don’t like the door, simply remove it and return it.

Feeding Station

With a pet feeding station, you have everything your pet needs at meal time conveniently tucked away when not in use. Whether an existing cabinet is converted, or you buy one pre-built, a pet feeding station will help keep your pet’s food organized with style. If you want to go all out, install a mini water faucet in the station to avoid having to remove the bowls at all!

No matter the type of pet, millennials are choosing their homes based on the convenience and comfort of their family pet. With these amenities, homeowners and buyers can find the best spot not only for them, but their companions too.


Note: Author Patrick van den Bossche is president of Realty Executives International. Patrick oversees all aspects of Realty Executives International and is responsible for advancing the company’s position as its leader.

Guiding the company’s overall direction and strategic priorities, Patrick and his team look to leverage the long tenured brand of Realty Executives and the relationships of the Realty Executive brokerages and the family of agents to extend the Realty Executives market presence and leadership.

(Pictured Left) Patrick van den Bossche, president of Realty Executives, with Tristan, the organization’s CFO (chief furry officer).


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