Trendy and Environmentally Friendly Home Design

Designing your home in a way that shows how much you care about the environment will make it more comfortable and valuable. Here are some great ways that you incorporate sustainability into your home design.

Put a Renewable Energy Source on Your Roof

A solar power system is one of the best possible applications of environmentally friendly home design. When people drive by a home and see a solar panel system, they know that a homeowner cares deeply about the environment and has taken serious initiative to live more sustainably. Solar panels can power entire appliances or individual breakers, or you could get a system that’s capable of supplying power to your entire home. You’ll save money on your ongoing energy bills, and you’ll still have power in the event of an outage or shutdown. Moreover, solar panels can add to the value of your home considerably.


Get Modern LED Lighting

Your home’s lighting contributes a lot to its overall aesthetics; the way that a home is lit is one of the first things that people notice about it. Fixtures don’t have to be plain and boring; you can get lighting fixtures that complement any type of design concept. Consider striking and elegant fixtures with a modern look. Whatever style you choose, you should opt for LED lighting. The quality of light that it casts is better than that of traditional incandescent lighting, and it’s available in varying degrees of lumens and warmth. It uses significantly less electricity than traditional lighting. While the bulbs themselves cost a little bit more, they need to be replaced far less often.


Install Eco-Friendly Flooring

Wall to wall carpeting generally isn’t one of the most desirable flooring options for homes. It can wear greatly after relatively little time, and simple accidents can result in unsightly stains that aren’t easy to clean and may not be possible to remove altogether. In addition, it can trap allergens and odors that produce an unpleasant smell. You may go nose-blind to it over time, but it will likely be readily perceptible to your guests. One of the best possible flooring choices is eco-friendly laminate flooring. It has the look of hardwood flooring, and some people aren’t able to discern a difference. In contrast to hardwood flooring, it holds up well over time and doesn’t expand and creak. It’s available in any type of stain or shade; you can choose a bright color for a bright and sunny look. You could also install a slate or grayish tone for a modern look.


Get Rugs and Mats Made From Sustainably Sourced Materials

If you like to have a carpet underfoot in some areas for comfort, you can get an area rug or runners made with sustainable materials that will complement your home design. Area rugs are often easier to clean than wall-to-wall thick pile carpeting because the fibers tend to be less fluffy and absorbent; the individual fibers are more rigid and tightly knit. Of course, this isn’t true of all area rugs. A shag rug or antique oriental rug may be difficult to clean well. When you buy a rug, you should look for one that is made of materials that are sustainably sourced. You can even get a rug that’s made from some recycled materials.


Consider Bamboo Flooring or Paneling

Bamboo is another fantastic eco-friendly floor covering option. It has a very unique and earthy look, and it ages very well when properly cared for. The material is very hard, but it feels more comfortable underfoot than some flooring options. Bamboo flooring gives a home a look that’s very natural but also demonstrates modern influences.

Ultimately, design concepts that feature renewable energy, energy conservation, and sustainably sourced materials can help you bring out the best of your home. Use these foundational eco friendly elements as a starting point for your home design, and then add elements and finishes that reflect your unique style.

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