Terradatum Partners With Voiceter Pro

Partnership Blends Voice Search with Real-Time Data for the Real Estate Industry

Terradatum has announced a new partnership with best-in-class Voiceter Pro to provide real-time analytics in conversational search, turning popular products like Amazon Echo and Google Assistant into valuable, interactive tools for the real estate industry.

“Voice response is an exploding new channel for content delivery,”

says Terradatum CEO, Mark Spraetz. “Terradatum seeks out best-in-class technology partners, and we believe the Voiceter Pro platform will enable us to bring hyperlocal real estate metrics to consumers and open up new lead generating services for our clients.”

With Voiceter Pro, consumer voice searches for real estate content can be leveraged to build new relationships and serve as potential leads. The tool can be used in countless ways for brokers and their agents as well, including showcasing features of open houses and more.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Terradatum to enhance our branded voice skills and increase their value to our clients. Consumers want to know about housing market conditions where they are selling and buying. By providing this information, we’re creating a destination skill for our clients. Consumers will keep coming back to get the latest information,” adds Miguel Berger, CEO of Voiceter Pro.




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