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Take action now to make 2023 your best sales year yet

Master Coach Maria Nemeth says, “Success is doing what you said you would do, with clarity, focus, ease, and grace.”

Here are 13 actions you can take now to make the next 12 months the best they can be for you.

Get clear about 2022.

What did you do this year? Your actions this year will form your foundation of knowledge for next year.

Here’s what you should track:

  • Income you earned and income you kept after broker/franchise/team costs. It’s OK to estimate if you know you’re close.
  • Marketing you did to generate business
  • Money you spent on expenses (dues and fees, staff, and marketing) and the profit you are paying taxes on. (Hint: The goal is profit)
  • Things you did that do not pay you – like volunteer work, family time, exercise, vacations, etc.

Be intentional about what you want for next year.

Specifically look at the items you are tracking above. What you want is not necessarily what others want from you. What is it that you want?

Understand what you are willing to do to get what you want.

What actions will you take? Stay away from words like “more” or “less” or “better.” This answer should be easily answered by someone observing you and saying you did or did not do it each day/week/month. Nothing happens unless actions are taken 

1.     Say out loud and in writing, as simply as you can, what you will do to generate what you want in 2023. Clarity and focus are the keys to success.

2.     Get 100% clear on what you will let go of next year so you can focus on what you will do. If you plan to do more, what will you let go of to make space for it? Get clear to focus and so more with ease rather than angst. 

3.     Decide on a CRM/database for the year. I recommend Wise Agent for “best bang for your buck” in service and features. I do get a referral payment for it. Pick one and stick with it 100% all year. Do the tutorials.

4.     Get all your past clients and customers, sphere of influence, leads, and any farm area in the database with 100% of them set up with a next contact date. You know you all should be doing at a higher level than you are.

5.     Schedule your actions, including implementing #4 and #6, in your calendar as repeating events for the whole year now.

6.     Schedule the time to do those non-income generating actions for next year too. Very scheduled people schedule fun stuff too.

7.  Do a formal exercise to let go of what you want to let go of, and write down a word on something solid to sit your desk (like a rock) that will be your anchor for next year. People who do this exercise draw a line under the past and create a vision of the future. Those agents do better and are happier. 

8.  Do an exercise of visualizing next year unfolding as you plan it and write a letter to yourself dated Dec. 31, 2023, explaining in detail how great it was and how grateful you are for the opportunity this business brings to you. Put it in an envelope where you can find it to reach the end of each quarter. I’ve found that people who write a year-end letter perform better all year. 

9.  Set up a tracking system to track the actions you want to take. Then, follow this by building a checklist. This should be on your wall somewhere, like on a poster or a whiteboard. People who plan and track results simply do more. 

10.  Get someone to hold you accountable through next year, all set up before the end of the year. People held accountable simply do more.