REAL Trends Podcast Channel Makes Debut on Spotify


When audio content began gaining popularity in recent years, our content team was eager to share our insights with our followers in a new medium. The REAL Trends podcast channel has been up and running since 2017. For those of you who followed our early channel and remember our original content–we thank you for still following us!

All kidding aside, our podcast channel has made vast and necessary improvements – we had a hefty goal this past year to create the unique, one-of-a-kind material our blog and newsletter readers had come to expect, but in audio format. With that goal in mind, we cleaned up our podcast channel and REAL Trending with Steve Murray emerged, as did our second podcast channel, Meet the Influencers.

REAL Trending with Steve Murray is a weekly podcast series that features REAL Trends president, as he discusses the three top stories of the week, on topics such as up-and-coming generation leaders, tax reforms, big data, Upstream, commission models, recruiting, association and MLS restructure, the list goes on. REAL Trending is released every Tuesday at 10 a.m. EST.

Meet the Influencers, our second podcast channel, features REAL Trends editor in chief, Tracey Velt as she interviews the industry’s most influential leaders, innovators and trendsetters. If you are interested in getting a peek into the personal passions, and industry efforts of top industry influencers, tune in every Thursday when new episodes are released.

REAL Trends podcasts are available on iTunes, Soundcloud, GooglePlay, our online publication website, and as of now–Spotify. So listen at work (we won’t tell) or on the go from your computer or mobile device.



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