On The Road With REAL Trends: The Group Inc. Podcasts & LIVE Video


Last month REAL Trends unveiled a new quarterly podcast series, On The Road With REAL Trends. Our first stop was at The Group Inc., a brokerage based out of Fort Collins, CO. While there, we had the pleasure of recording an exclusive LIVE event and two podcasts with Larry Kendall of Ninja Selling and Brandon Wells, newly appointed President of The Group Inc.

In this article you will find all 3 pieces for your viewing and listening pleasure. Enjoy!


Podcast: Episode 1 – Understanding Their Why. President of REAL Trends Steve Murray interviews Larry Kendall, the architect behind Ninja Selling and the Ninja Leadership Institute.



Podcast Episode Two: Keeping Sales Associates Motivated

Steve Murray sits down with Larry Kendall, author of Ninja Selling and Brandon Wells, President of The Group Inc. Real Estate to discuss how broker owners can help sales associates set smart goals heading into 2018.


Facebook LIVE Video

In case you missed our Facebook LIVE event in December with Larry Kendall, author of Ninja Selling and Brandon Wells,  president of The Group Inc. Real Estate in Fort Collins, Colorado, you can watch the entire video now!  These three real estate leaders talk about building smarter businesses, industry changes and company succession planning moving into the new year.


Rather Listen? Download the podcast recording to listen on the go!




Where should REAL Trends go to next?!

Let us know! E-mail Nikki Lindholm at nlindholm@realtrends.com with suggestions!


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