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Learn from the small broker who gets 100% agent adoption of his in-house tech platform

Today’s RealTrending podcast features Sean Frank, founder and CEO of Mainframe Real Estate in Central Florida. Frank’s 70-agent boutique brokerage is small but mighty. That’s because he’s built an in-house transaction management platform that has about a 100% agent adoption rate. 

“The great thing about our tech is that it’s not optional [for agents] as it guides them through everything [from contract to marketing to close.] They use it to check out their yard signs and the transaction is managed through it, so adoption has never been an issue,” says Frank.

Here is a small preview of today’s interview with Frank. The transcript below has been lightly edited for length and clarity:

Tracey Velt: So you have a unique platform that you built, which is not something that a lot of brokerage firms are doing. They’re usually using something that’s already out there. So tell me what makes your platform unique and then some of the lessons you’ve learned through building it.

Sean Frank: We had the ability to grow it slowly as our agent base grew and add more features over time. We didn’t have the problem that a lot of big companies have where they’re trying to create a massive platform. Starting off slow and smaller helped us make things more granular and more really tailored through feedback to what the agents need. That’s been such a huge part of it. 

A lot of companies focus on lead generation tools for agents which are great, but a lot of experienced agents have been in the business for ten years or so. Their phone rings all the time. They’re not sitting at a database and there are so many good CRM platforms out there already. So we decided to focus on transaction management contract to close, because that’s where busy agents spend most of their time. How could we optimize that process for agents?

The most tedious part of an agent’s job now is logging into this software and then logging into that one downloading this so you can upload it there, and copying it here so you can paste it over there. That obviously creates a lot more work, and a lot more room for error. We really wanted to create something very comprehensive, so that it serves a lot of the needs that an agent has.

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