Nikki Lindholm

Digital Marketing Strategist

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The Digital Marketing Wizard

Talk to her about: Digital marketing campaigns, search engine marketing and client services

New to Colorado, Nikki Lindholm is ready to make her mark. After growing up in Wisconsin, spending her collegiate years at University of Eau Claire, she and her fiancé are embracing Bronco territory one day at a time. Which can be hard to do for an avid Green Bay Packers fan! She moved to Iowa after her fiancé, Spencer, was accepted into Palmer Chiropractic College. Her first job out of college was a marketing coordinator at a Chiropractic Clinic in Iowa.

As REAL Trends’ Client Communications Specialist, Nikki balances several responsibilities for the technology and marketing teams, including reporting collection, creation and distribution, acting as the liaison with agent campaigns, understanding internal systems, organizing and maintaining client files, administering marketing campaigns and more.

Nikki’s passion for real estate began when she was living in Iowa. Her fiancé was completing his Doctorate Degree, and she was working at Ruhl&Ruhl Realtors® as an MLS Administrator. In search of a more adventurous town, they decided to move to Denver in 2016. In Nikki’s spare time, she enjoys the outdoor activities that the state has to offer, particularly the glorious mountains that she hikes with her fiancé and two dogs. As Nikki says, “Work hard, play hard!” Despite her fear of heights, she took a trapeze course when she was on vacation in the Caribbean. You go, girl!

Although Nikki has been to the Caribbean, she has several places she wants to travel, France, Italy, Greece, Tahiti, and Australia. She is also excited for married life, as they plan to tie the knot this September. She motivates herself by setting goals. “The best feeling is completing a task or goal that you’ve set for yourself,” she says.

One way that she helps herself reach goals is by staying organized. Creating lists and detailed spreadsheets are vital to her success. Maybe she got this idea from her college friend, Kacie, who inspires Nikki with her open and caring mindset. Nikki has taken on her position with the company and strives to always be open to trying new things and suggesting new ideas.