Nikki Lindholm

Marketing Manager

[email protected]

The Social Influencer

Talk to her about: Content Marketing, Social Media Content, Content Distribution, Social Media Development and Growth.

New to Colorado, Nikki Lindholm is ready to make her mark. After growing up in Wisconsin, spending her collegiate years at University of Eau Claire, she and her husband are embracing Bronco territory one day at a time. Which can be hard to do for an avid Green Bay Packers fan! She moved to Iowa after her husband, Spencer, was accepted into Palmer Chiropractic College.

As REAL Trends’ Content Marketing and Social Outreach Manager, Nikki balances several responsibilities for the technology, marketing and content teams, including managing the social presence for REAL Trends, content distribution, content development, company marketing, managing CMO/CTO groups, and serving as blog editor.

Nikki’s passion for real estate began when she was living in Iowa. Her husband was completing his Doctorate Degree, and she was working at Ruhl&Ruhl Realtors® as an Agent Services Administrator. In search of a more adventurous lifestyle, they decided to move to Denver in 2016. In Nikki’s spare time, she enjoys the outdoor activities that the state has to offer, particularly the glorious mountains that she hikes with her husband and two dogs. Since moving to Colorado Nikki and Spencer have hiked a handful of 14’ers and are on a mission to visit as many mountain towns as they can.

Favorite Quote: “…slow and steady wins the race, till truth and talent claim their place.”
B.J. Novak