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Brittany Shur

Director of Digital Marketing

[email protected]

The Eternal Optimist

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Brittany Shur joined the REAL Trends team in February 2015 as Director of Client Services. She earned her Associate’s degree in Psychology and her Bachelor’s degree in Human Development and Family Studies from Colorado State University. Prior to joining REAL Trends, Brittany was a School-Age Program Director for Littleton Public Schools.

Ever the friendly face, you’ll recognize Brittany by her engaging smile and sunny disposition. She is conscious about helping others in need and loves lending a helping hand when possible. She is involved in K9s for Warriors and even set up her own community outreach project called “Flag of Prayers,” which focuses on people affected by 9/11.

Aside from her helping heart, Brittany enjoys the outdoors. The Colorado sunshine and the mountains keep her grounded and she enjoys taking a relaxing drive through the mountains to recharge.

Brittany loves to experience new things and is eager to travel more with her husband. Even with an adventurous spirit, she can’t shake her fear of the deep ocean and won’t be caught on a cruise anytime soon! Her family and her husband support her and inspire her everyday. Her father, in particular, has taught her about looking at life from a “glass is half full perspective.” His positivity and ability to make just about anyone smile, has always been something she admires and strives for. Her father has always said she can overcome any obstacle, and she plans to overcome anything life throws at her in the future.