Cooper Murray

Video Strategist

[email protected]

The Video Buff

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With a love of movies, (he writes a blog with movie reviews!) it’s no surprise that Cooper Murray has found his niche in producing videos for REAL Trends. Murray graduated from Arapahoe Community College with a degree in general studies and learned the video/editing process while in high school. Two internships, one at RE/MAX corporate headquarters and VScreen, a video production company, helped him hone his skill.

Cooper never really takes a break from the video world, in addition to the movie review website, he enjoys playing video games. You could say he loves all aspects of videos; maybe that is why Cooper excels at his job. He says he wants to be the best at what he does, so his goal is to learn several new things every day. To stay on track, he keeps an accurate calendar and stays organized by having a specific place for everything, which is why it frustrates him when people forget where they put things. Cooper’s favorite business cliché is “Give it 110 percent.” So, you can always expect him to be on his A game.

Cooper hopes to go past the electronic world and explore several parts of the real world. Traveling to Australia is one of his top bucket list items. He would also like to go on a safari. For now, he enjoys going to Black Hawk, Colo., when he has some spare time. Cooper has also been on TV a couple of times! He was on the news and also in the audience of a taping of The Tonight Show, where they happened to be filming part of a movie, “The Astronaut Farmer.” His real claim to fame? He’s seen every movie that Arnold Schwarzenegger has ever been in.