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10 Knock-Your-Socks-Off Real Estate Marketing Ideas

Finding new and creative ways to market your listings and yourself can be exhausting!

Here are 10 real estate marketing ideas for you to try

  1. Start a Vlog. A Vlog is a video blog. Rather than spend an hour writing a post, why not pull out your phone and record your message? Topic ideas: info about a new listing, tips for cleaning up credit or how to stage your home to sell.
  2. Host a Local Celebrity Open House. Talk to the locals about their favorite local authors and musicians. Then, hire them to do a book reading, autograph session or to jam at your next open house. Or, have a local instructor teach a yoga class or meditation class at the house. Market it as a can’t-miss event!
  3. Target Hyperlocally. Cole Realty Resource is just one company that sells neighborhood data that allows you to target your fliers and direct mail pieces to certain people. One Florida sales associate goes door-to-door targeting the renters in the neighborhood. If the person isn’t home, she’ll leave a door hanger about the open house.
  4. Teach a Class. Whether it’s a class for first-time homebuyers or for military vets, offer substantial information about financing options and details about the home buying process. Bring in experts such as mortgage professionals and credit counselors.
  5. Sponsor a Team. Wouldn’t you like to see your brokerage or team name on the back of a jersey or on a banner at the tennis courts? It’s not only great for name recognition, but you’ll also be doing something good for the community.
  6. Show It. Hire a local graphic designer to build infographics about the home buying and selling process. Use them on your blog and in your listing presentation.
  7. Develop a Series. Videos are a great way to show potential home buyers the neighborhood. Consider a series of videos that highlight local restaurants, golf courses, shops and more. Do this for each of the communities you farm.
  8. Show Your Passion. Do you love your dog? Compete at a sport? Support a local charity? Work that into your social media feed to show potential home buyers and sellers what you care about. The connection will bring you one step closer to a relationship.
  9. Post on Reddit. According to this article on Placester, Reddit features forum boards devoted to all things home. Find ones in which homeowners, sellers, and buyers need sage advice regarding their mortgages, inspections and all things real estate.
  10. Drop In. Work your sphere a few people at a time by dropping in with homemade cookies, a local bakery treat or a bottle of wine. Call ahead to make sure someone is home. Let them know you’re just dropping by to drop off a treat and see how they are doing. This is a unique way for real estate marketing to work in your favor.

The key to all real estate marketing is to be authentic and passionate about what you do. It shows and helps to build trust with potential buyers and sellers. Most of all, have fun!

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