Leverage the Team Experience Whether You are a Broker-Owner or a Sales Associate

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The Real Estate Teams Playbook:
Aligning Structures and Strategies with Goals and Growth

Defining a Team

  • Teams became a part of the real estate landscape years ago, but there is still ambiguity in the industry around how they are defined.

  • A robust definition of what a real estate team is, and what it is not, is key to their positive impact on the real estate industry.

Your Guide to a Valuable Real Estate Team with Useful Definitions, Best Practices, and Proven Processes

Growth of Teams

  • The volume of teams in real estate is increasing at a rapid rate, fueled by lead generation and team culture.

  • The long-term success of a team relies heavily on the direction, goals, and leadership of the team leader.

Building a Team

  • The average monthly compensation for team members ranges from $2,000 to $12,700 depending on their position on the team.

  • A small percentage of team leaders want to have teams with 20 members or more, and fewer want to expand their teams outside of their brokerage.

Taking a Team to the Next Level

  • Broker-owners, brand leaders, and coaches must play an active role in how teams operate and function in the real estate industry.

  • Improved direction and clarity about real estate teams from the top-down enhances the experience of working on a team or with a team.