Sukhjiwan Singh: Helping Domestic Violence Victims

Community   In 2002, Sukhjiwan Singh’s sister-in-law told her of a bright, young colleague at work. “The colleague and her husband were new to America from India. This woman had no family or friends. She confided in my sister-in-law, telling her that her husband was hurting her, and then showed her the ...

Building Relationships: Home Inspectors and Real Estate Agents

Business Written by Mike Hankins Knowledge, expertise and training are important, but what truly sets a great home inspector apart is how he or she approaches the process. A good home inspection serves as a guide to buyers to explain how a home works, and offers insight into any issues the home might ha...

3 Ways to Create Rapport with Your Clients

Community As a real estate agent, you have a challenging job. You’re responsible for making sure a client’s home gets sold so she can take the job opportunity of a lifetime in another state, or it’s up to you to find the dream home for a client and his family. You deal with individuals’ livelihood...

REAL Trends Housing Market Report November 2014

Blog REAL Trends Housing Market Report   Based on October results surprise on the upside   October 14, 2014 – The REAL Trends Housing Market Report for November 2014 shows that housing sales increased 9.3 percent from the same month a year ago. The annual rate of new and existing ...

U.S. Approves FAA Oversight of Small Drone

Marketing WASHINGTON (AP) – Nov. 19, 2014 – The U.S. government has the power to hold drone operators accountable when they operate remote-control aircraft recklessly, a federal safety board ruled Tuesday in a setback to small drone operators chafing under Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) restr...

Is This the Next Real Estate Disrupter?

Business Keep your eye on new business models sure to disrupt the industry. However, REAL Trends' Steve Murray says it all comes down to the relationship, something they don't provide. Article from TechCrunch: It seems like a lot of Valley investors want to see the process of buying homes become a lo...
Nov-19-2014 chief economist answers 5 burning questions about housing’s future

Business interviewed Chief Economist Jonathan Smoke about 2015's housing market. Here's what he had to say. Chief Economist Jonathan Smoke talks home prices, home sales, credit boxes and more in this exclusive HousingWire interview that hints at what his 2015 fo...

Video: Is Your Target Market REALLY a Target Market?

Marketing Michael Goldberg of Knock Out Marketing offers advice on choosing a target market. It's vital to drill down to make it effective. Watch the video here: ...


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