At both the recent Gathering of Eagles and this week at NAR mid-year meetings, Upstream CEO Alex Lange described new options for how Upstream would work in conjunction with brokerage firms and MLSs.

Essentially, Upstream has reached an agreement to allow brokerage firms to input first to their MLS, which can then deliver their data to Upstream, or they may choose to load into Upstream and from there distribute data to their MLS and other portals as they see fit.

Strategically, it now places Upstream as a partner with MLS rather than a threat—which is how many MLSs saw Upstream. Given that years ago, when executives from the Realty Alliance basically threatened MLSs with a “change or perish” message, MLSs have not much cared for where Upstream could go with their development. Likely, this will ease much of that discomfort and strengthen the ability of Upstream to accomplish its message.