When you visit a website, what are the key factors that make you stay on the site? A website should be easy to navigate. No one wants to visit a page and find an error or wait for a page to load. Even five seconds can feel like a lifetime! Once a user is frustrated with your site, good luck getting them to return. Read below to find out if it’s time for you to revamp your website.


  1. Broken Elements. If you’re aware of broken links, and they’re not on your short fix list, then add them — fast! If a user can’t find the information they’re searching for or reaches an error page, you can almost guarantee they will leave your site and not come back. Having broken links throughout your website is not only a negative experience for your users but also from an SEO standpoint. A broken link is treated like a dead end on your site, and it tells search engines that the usability of your site is poor. It’s helpful to know why you get broken links. Common reasons are technological issues, old content, changed CMS or some parts of your website have been removed, so the content no longer exists on your page.
  2. Website Inconsistency. The style and feel of your website should be consistent throughout, including the property search pages or IDX feed. Often, the IDX feed page is not given the same attention as the rest of the website. It may be because the IDX feed can be hard to change, but there are ways to update the styling so this page doesn’t clash with the rest of your website. That also means making sure the IDX feed is mobile responsive.
  3. Find a good Content Management System (CMS). Today, there are various website providers that focus specifically on creating real estate websites. This makes the process of creating a website to fit your needs much easier than having to customize a general website template.
  4. SEO Presence. Your pages don’t include meta tags or on-page SEO. There are a lot of factors to consider with SEO, and technology-based rules and guidelines are always being updated. However, you should still have your website search engine optimized.


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