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Listings are proving hard to come by these days. Coach Walter Sanford talked to some top agents about what they’re doing to get listings today. The secret, they say, is to set up a consistent system. Here are some tips:

  • They’re setting up spreadsheets that keep track of the information on all FSBOs in their market area.
  • They subscribe to services like Landvoice and REDx to get lists of FSBO’s.
  • They check their hometown newspaper and subscribe to the rags where the really cheap FSBOs might advertise.
  • They check all the FSBO websites.
  • They built a team of family, assistants, and affiliates who drive through town, always taking different routes.  This team writes down FSBO addresses and phone numbers, and they pull brochures, if available.
  • They time-block this weekly accumulation of information for about an hour on Monday morning. Each of the affiliates knows to get his or her information in before that time frame.
  • They carefully go through the ads and complete a spread sheet.  The columns on the spreadsheet have the following: property address; situs address; owner name; 4 spaces for phone numbers with the first one being the one used in advertising; bedrooms/baths; square footage; extra rooms; garage space; lot size; basement; upgrades; best features of the home; email address, and special circumstances.  Additionally, include columns to answer these questions: Is the seller a local buyer? In what city do they need an agent? Why are they selling?  What date do they have to close?