Often there is a clash between the leadership of brokerage firms and senior technology leadership within realty firms. The two parties are often neither right nor wrong; they are simply talking in foreign languages to each other. In an age where technology has become far more important than it was 5, 10 or even 20 years ago in realty firms, it is critical that both parties take the time to listen to each other and come to a shared vision over where investment dollars will be made. The older school tends to believe that personal relationships matter more than impressions on a website. Technology leaders strongly believe that first impressions from websites, social media and mobile ads are far more important to the current and long-term health of the brokerage.


What creates the clash most often is that neither party understands the basis of the other party’s position. Neither is wholly right or wrong. There are several solutions to this challenge.  First, both parties must have the same overall goals and objectives for the business. Second, both parties have to choose where investment will produce the best returns, whether that is in web leads, agent satisfaction, consumer excitement or other. They have to agree how to measure results in short. And, lastly, it helps if both parties are patient in getting through the process and committed to its implementation.