As a small- to medium-sized brokerage, how do you play on the same digital marketing field as the national franchise and syndicate websites? You can’t, so don’t bother. After all, the majority of large franchises and portal sites have annual marketing budgets that exceed a traditional brokerage’s budget, grabbing them millions of site visits and dominance on an SEO front. Instead, your key to success is to approach your marketing strategy from a tactical standpoint.


That means your focus should be on narrow results—what the national portals and franchise websites aren’t focusing on. You do this by leveraging local expertise and hyper-local strategies. REAL Trends’ studies find that 90 percent of sellers and buyers are searching within their local market. That makes it easy to strategically reach your audience in a cost effective and efficient manner.


By combining local knowledge with digital marketing, you gain the advantage on the digital marketing front line. For example, rather than build out a SEM or PPC campaign around major cities, instead focus on smaller communities and neighborhoods. There’s less competition for these keywords, and the national portals don’t know your niche neighborhoods as well as you do. Incorporate these keywords into polished landing and community pages to boost your SEO presence in the organic search results.


For assistance outlining your local digital marketing strategy, contact a member of the REAL Trends Technology and Marketing team at [email protected].