According to Google, one-third of all mobile device searches is related to location. Location-related mobile searches are growing 50 percent faster than mobile searches. The landscape is changing, and your marketing efforts need to change with it. How can you leverage this knowledge? Here are a few suggestions from the REAL Trends Marketing Team:

  1. Optimize For Location: Google’s most recent study shows that roughly 61 percent of smartphone users want to see ads that are customized to their location. Create location specific ads and use geo-targeting capabilities when setting up your digital marketing campaigns.
  2. Make It Easy for Mobile Users To Contact You: Adding a click-to-call button on your ads allows consumers to take immediate action.
  3. Make Sure Your Business Listings Are Accurate: If 33 percent of all searches are on mobile devices, and these users are more likely to take immediate action, you want to make sure that your audience is pulling accurate contact information. An incorrect address on sites like Google Maps could cost you a potential lead!


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On The Horizon

To satisfy this growing trend, Google is rolling out advertising capabilities on Google Maps for mobile devices. Stay tuned!