Remember the good old days, when you went on a trip and the essentials of travel consisted of a cell phone, GPS, notebook, printed MapQuest directions and often a printed boarding pass and hotel check-in directions? Obviously, many of these items have been replaced with the advent of smartphones. The same thing is happening to smart home technology.


To create an entire smart home, many of us have a good-old-days’ mentality. To operate a smart home, you download a conglomerate of apps dedicated to each facet of what the home’s function may be. The most common smart home platforms control cameras, heating and cooling, lighting, energy, irrigation and garage functions. The result is a bunch of apps to sort through depending on the function.


There’s light at the end of the tunnel. Amazon Alexa and Google Home are two hubs that have been adopted as the platforms to connect all these technologies together. Alexa is the clear frontrunner of the two.


With agents and brokerages being the experts of all things home and real estate, it’s a trend worth monitoring.