With 81% of current smart-home device owners saying they would be more willing to buy a home with connected tech already in place, homeowners are now trying to “tech up” their homes to increase the appeal and value of their properties more than ever before. Knowing the key home selling season spans March and April, experts at Blink – the ultra-affordable home security and video monitoring system – have compiled a list of tips to keep in mind when integrating smart home technology in your home in order to add value before selling:

Lower the Energy Bill with Simple Add-ons – Installing smart home technology can save homeowners on average $1,100 a year on their utility bills and is currently one of the top three selling points for buyers. Whether it is looking into smart lightbulbs or a smart thermostat – buyers will find this valuable. It’s also worth looking into whether your state offers free home energy audits!

 Tech Saves You More Than $ – Smart smoke detectors can not only save you approx. 5% on your insurance premiums, but could even save your life. With 67% of home fire fatalities occurring from missing or disabled smoke detectors, smart home detectors put the control in user’s hand to disarm the alarm at their discretion.

 Make Your Home Safer – The National Association of Home Builders’ number one driver for buying a home is a “safe community” and it is no different for the home. Installing security cameras throughout and outside the home are essential for ensuring the house is a safe haven to come home to. Blink (starting at $99) has a super affordable, completely wire-free option with a two-year battery life, perfect for any house big or small.

 Convenience is Key – With voice activation hubs like Amazon Alexa becoming widely popular (with over 1.6 million devices installed), homeowners are able to sync their favorite smart home products to the device allowing them to make requests with a simple, hands-free ask. The ease of use allows users to change the status of their lights, security cameras and more on the fly saving time and money.