Last week, Google Research came out with an update concerning its data extraction goal of the 80 billion high-resolution images captured to date from its Street View cars. These cars capture millions of images each day and help us when it comes to mapping a newly listed home or plotting the course of a showing tour. They can now help you map your business.


Verifying your business listing through Google can be a time consuming and unpredictable process. Will you receive your verification postcard? Will your office be open when the call comes to verify your location?


Google’s latest goal is to enable automatic extraction of information from geo-located imagery. Meaning that the pictures taken by Street View cars will automatically be scrubbed for structured information, like street signs and numerical addresses.  An initial test of French street name signs, considered to be particularly challenging, yielded an 84.2 percent accuracy rate—a much higher rate than what can currently be achieved by similar state-of-the-art systems.


As a business owner, this includes pairing business names from storefronts with the street name and number. Using machine-based learning, the algorithm is applied to the image and can determine the business name separated from irrelevant text. After analysis, Google Maps can update both the image and map with the most current information.


For more information, view the blog in full at Google Research Blog.