Four Seasons Hotel, Denver, CO

April 26-28, 2017

Keynote Speaker Jim Collins

If you could pick one word to describe Jim Collins, leader extraordinaire and author of books such as “Good to Great” and “Built to Last,” it would be curious. From his work in the leadership field to his current work researching K-12 education, Collins’ thirst for knowledge has opened up opportunities that serve as the foundation of his career.

That curiosity and love of discovery have led him on a lifelong quest to understand what drives great leaders. “People struggle with making great people decisions. We all make mistakes, whether [we] hire the wrong person or [fail] to notice someone’s potential. To master the people aspect, you must be rigorous, but not ruthless in the way you deal with people,” says Collins.

Learn from the best. Collins will be holding a leadership workshop at the 2017 Gathering of Eagles.

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