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JULY 17 2014

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 REAL Trends Technology Consulting Fills Business Accelerator Program

Castle Pines, CO (July 17, 2014) – REAL Trends Technology Consulting has recently filled to capacity its Business Accelerator Program working with nine innovative real estate tech companies.  These leading-edge companies masterfully provide the real estate space with unique services that are desperately needed in the market today. Through this collaboration, REAL Trends Technology Consulting will be working side by side with company entrepreneurs to successfully enter the real estate landscape.

Each company has gone through a selective vetting process ensuring certain requisites were met to make it into the Business Accelerator Program. Once these requisites were verified, the team at REAL Trends ultimately extended the invitation to join the program.

These new companies represent a variety of exciting new technology offerings to real estate, many of which have never been seen before. REAL Trends Technology Consulting is honored to work side by side with these select companies to further bring their products and services to market, and by doing so, making the real estate industry better as a whole.


Companies within the REAL Trends Business Accelerator include:


Balcony |

Balcony allows you to network and connect with other qualified agents. You can make and accept referrals, right through the platform. We handle all the paperwork and even get sign-off from your broker. And we pay your commission to your broker via ACH within 48 hours of the close of your referral transaction. We think Balcony will change your life — for the better.

Boston Logic |

Boston Logic is an online marketing and technology firm focused on the real estate industry. We provide software, online marketing, and design services to real estate companies, helping them market their listings and services, hire new agents, and operate their businesses. Boston Logic works with real estate developers, brokers, and agents to help them grow and succeed by leveraging technology and the web.


Clearview Elite |

Clearview Elite is born from front line experience in the upscale second home sales and marketing world.  From years of experience in lead generation, sales training and global marketing management, it became evident that an upgrade in lead response practices was needed. Real estate developers and marketing firms often represented themselves in a very professional and prestigious manner in outbound marketing initiatives, however that same high quality standard was not carried over in lead response practices. Now it is.


HomeKeepr |

At HomeKeepr, we believe that Homeowners and       Real Estate Agents have a lot more to share than a one-time transaction.

Our goal is to reinvent this relationship to create lasting bonds throughout the lifecycle of a typical home. We accomplish this by keeping agents connected to homeowners as a valued resource for local information and home maintenance.


Home N Do |

Home N Do is the one place for anyone involved in buying or selling a home including brokers, agents, lenders, home service providers and consumers! Through its dynamic and accurate Property Search function and social network management tools, consumers can search for new property, agents can connect with their clients, lenders can transmit leads to brokers and home services providers can build their portfolio of new customers.


ReadyChat |

Bring your Real Estate website to life and convert more of your online visitors into warm leads with ReadyChat’s pay-for-performance live chat service for agents, teams and offices.


Real Analogics | Public Presence Coming Soon!

RealAnalogics™ is a company that builds real estate software by agents, for agents. The iDeal Home Analyzer™ application suite leverages real estate data in an interactive, plain spoken platform that entertains and educates the public, while empowering them, and real estate agents, and MLS’s, all at the same time.


Virtual Agent |

With Virtual Agent you can deliver captivating, real time property information to potential home buyers on their mobile phones while you, the real estate professional, build a mobile lead base that will serve as the foundation for a new way of prospecting.


VScreen  |

VScreen’s turnkey approach covers you from start to finish. We’ll craft a compelling website video to tell your story like never before, and then expand your Internet audience dramatically with strategically chosen social media. The end result…a single source for quality video production coupled with laser sharp targeting of your key audience. All under one roof at VScreen…the Internet Video Strategists.


REAL Trends Technology Consulting is a consulting and publishing company that specializes in offering consulting services to brokerages and technology companies in the residential real estate space. In addition to industry consulting REAL Trends Technology Consulting produces weekly (TechTouch) and monthly (Special Reports) publications related to current technology trends and systems in the industry. For additional information contact REAL Trends Technology Consulting: 303.741.1000 or visit