Many people think that YouTube is a platform to upload videos, sit back and watch the views roll in. Not so, as there is a whole set of technical processes that you must follow to ensure your videos are optimized effectively for search engines. Not only can your video be indexed and rank on YouTube; more importantly, it can show up in Google search results for your chosen keywords. Having dual rankings such as YouTube and Google can drive significant traffic to your video and website if optimized properly. Here are some things to do to get more search traffic.

Keywords. When creating a YouTube video, keyword usage should be the first factor that you implement. Be sure to optimize for long-tail keywords. A long-tail keyword allows you to choose a keyword or phrase with low competition that can be properly optimized to rank quicker in search engines due to the lower level of competition.

Title. The title is the name of your video. It will show up when people search for your video on YouTube and other search engines. You should have your chosen keyword as close to the beginning of the title as possible. Try to fill up the title space with as much text as you can, as long as the title makes sense and is readable.

Description. The YouTube description serves a double purpose. It allows you to include your keyword in the description and allows you to create a desirable call-to-action. The YouTube description section should be a minimum of 300 words long and include your keyword three or four times. The more text you have with related keywords, the better your YouTube video will rank.

Tags. Tags offer a way to identify your video with other keywords and identifiers related to your core keyword. Adding a few relevant tags to your video will make your video more reputable while increasing the visibility across YouTube and other search engines. Add at least one to two tags to maximize your SEO value and overall optimization.

Thumbnail. The video thumbnail is the preview image that appears next to the video title in the search results. Creating a custom thumbnail with text overlay or an engaging image will create a desire for the viewer to click through and engage. A good thumbnail will entice viewers and create more impressions for the video, which in turn impacts overall SEO rankings.